The Henderson Group works with both public and private sector employers to develop cost-effective approaches to manage workers’ compensation programs.

Prior to forming The Henderson Group in 2001, Diana Henderson handled workers’ comp in the corporate community and also worked in the brokerage community as a consultant partnering with many different types and sizes of employers with operations across the nation.

The Henderson Group works with you to PREVENT WORKPLACE LOSSES by focusing on hiring practices; education and training of management, supervisors, and employees; communication of benefits and workers’ comp programs; creating drug-free and harassment-free workplace programs; and more.

MANAGING CLAIMS doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The Henderson Group can help you navigate the process and help avoid potential litigation. The Henderson Group provides claims reviews; claims monitoring; investigations; medical management programs; return-to-work programs; third party administrator selection, including performance-based contracts; and much more.

The Henderson Group has the experience and background you need to REDUCE WORKFORCE RISKS. Assessment, development, and implementation of process improvement strategies have a direct effect on your bottom line. The Henderson Group provides needs assessments and analyses; cost of disability studies; metrics development and review; and much more.

No matter what your issues or needs, The Henderson Group can assist you in finding solutions and implementing strategies that serve you long-term. Partner with someone who will do the work to understand your business and help you grow.

Have an expert you can count on. Call The Henderson Group.