Don Henderson, Executive VP

The Henderson Group - Don HendersonDon Henderson’s background and expertise are an invaluable resource. As co-founder of The Henderson Group, Don’s longtime career in law enforcement provides insight, perspective, and basic common sense. Coming from a grounded place of inquiry and investigation, Don offers wisdom and discernment in all cases, and especially when interpreting police reports, for example, with cases involving motor vehicle accident injuries or assault cases.

Analytical and a fact-finder, Don Henderson’s perception, judgment, and depth of understanding create a level of trust that make The Henderson Group the respected ally that it is. His acuity and comprehension of details make him a highly-respected partner.

In addition to his extensive experience in law enforcement management and public relations, Don has well-developed communication skills. In his previous professional experience, Don implemented CHP key contact program with national, state, and local legislative representatives, and was a frequent speaker at organizations.

Don Henderson managed and directed the operations of a law enforcement field command in a major metropolitan area including the activities of 80 employees. With a degree in Management and Organizational Behavior and teaching credentials, Don worked his way up from state traffic officer to Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain. Don has seen it all.

Don gives The Henderson Group a dimension of incomparable experience, know-how, and maturity. Workers’ compensation issues require the evidence-based articulation Don is able to provide.