This Blog Is For You

Yes, that’s right. This blog is for you. The business owner. The insurance broker.

The person who wants to know everything (or, almost everything) there is to know about the “wonderful world of workers’ compensation”.  And, more importantly, the things that you need to know about how to reduce and control workers’ compensation costs.

Welcome to my blog. I am Diana Henderson, the owner and founder of The Henderson Group. It is hard to believe that I have been helping corporations and business owners reduce and control the cost of their workers’ compensation programs for over three decades. In fact, this first blog has been written on our 17th anniversary! Prior to The Henderson Group, I spent many years in the claim handling world. Time has flown and I am still enjoying (actually loving) the work that I do.

Workers' Compensation - Irvine, California

Plus, I get it! I really do! I completely understand the value of money and the impact of uncontrolled expenses on a budget, both personal and professional. I am the oldest of five, having been raised by a single, divorced mother, who had the uncanny ability to make every penny count and stretch. I often think of the business owner who goes without a pay check to make sure that his or her business grows and that employees get paid.

So, why a blog now? Every day my clients come to me with questions and problems. Problems that need to be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. A few of these might sound familiar.

  • “My experience modification factor is high and keeps me from being able to bid on projects. What can I do?”
  • “I am unclear about what the claim adjuster is saying or asking of me. Can you help?”
  • “Why should I offer my injured employee light duty work while he is still healing from an injury?”
  • “What happens if my injured employee ends up with a permanent work restriction from her injury?”
  • How do I respond to a subpoena for records on one of my former employees?
  • How much longer will this claim stay open?
  • What do I do if I am not sure that the injury happened at work?

This blog will provide answers to these questions and more. This blog will also keep you informed and up-to-date with the ever changing world of workers’ compensation. This blog will address the most common workers’ compensation issues faced by business owners. Plus, there will be some real life stories to tell that might sound like something from a movie.

I also invite you to get involved. Please send me emails with issues you have had to face related to your workers’ compensation programs and topics that you would like to read about. Your questions and feedback will be greatly appreciated. And, your fellow blog readers will appreciate reading about how common problems can and are resolved. We are so excited about this new journey.

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